A play reading is a form of theatre without sets or full costumes. Actors, who read from scripts, may be seated or standing, or may incorporate some stage movement.  It is not a 'casting call'.

At Theatre Morin Heights we use readings as a means of providing entertainment to you, without the cost and time commitment of a full theatre production and there is no admission charge.

A reading requires two things; an audience and participants. As an audience member we invite you to enjoy the presentation while having your favorite beverage. But, maybe you’ve always wanted to try acting!! Here’s you chance - no lines to remember, it’s laid back and casual and intended to be fun. Join us and grab a script and read a part! We are always looking for participants.


March 2019 Reading
Journee de la culture 2018 reading rev 9 18 2018

Words, Words, Words – David Potter, Penny Rose, David Townsend

Sure Thing – June Angus, Robbie Rankin

Variations on the Death of Trotsky - David Townsend, Penny Rose, Robbie Rankin

Much Ado About Nothing Reminder