"An Enemy of the People" delivers!!!

Theatre Morin Heights extends a big thank you to the cast, crew and many volunteers who made this fall’s production of “An Enemy of the People,” adapted and directed by Noel Burton, another resounding success.

Many thanks also to our sponsors and appreciative audiences who attended the show’s five performances that ran November 6 to 10; including the successful benefit/fundraiser show for Friends of Morin Heights Elementary School.

While Henrick Ibsen’s original version of this play was written almost 137 years ago, the themes still ring true today.

In creating the Theatre Morin Heights adaptation, Burton noted, “Ibsen couldn’t decide whether Enemy was a comedy or a tragedy. I see it as a tragi-comic soap opera about truth, economics and politics, with some love and sibling rivalry thrown in. We live in a world of climate change, human greed and animal extinction. Those who speak of such unpalatable truths have been called by some, enemies of the people.”

An Enemy Of the People - Theatre Morin Heights
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